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Caravan Mattresses
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Caravan Mattresses Melbourne

Live in comfort – get a good night’s sleep just like a home away from home with our premium quality caravan mattresses Melbourne! We at Super Master Bedding bring to you our fine collection of top quality caravan mattresses that are custom designed according to your requirement.

Your caravan bed will feel light, comfortable and luxurious, providing you the best quality sleep so you can wake up refreshed to face the next day’s endeavours! Our team will focus on custom designing caravan and truck mattresses for your caravans and trucks in Melbourne that will provide you maximum functionality and look good as well. Your caravan mattress should look like it belongs inside the caravan and is should be designed to become a part of it.

We will make sure that your caravan are cut to appropriate size and shape, so they allow you to move freely inside your caravan without becoming a hurdle or occupying extra space that could otherwise be utilized by you for better purposes. We will make sure that your caravan mattresses are appropriately sized and made to fit; we will ensure they are neither too big nor too small; all the while providing you with the most comfortable and healthy night’s sleep.

Ideal for napping during the daytime, spending a few minutes relaxing or a nice long sleep after a tiring day, we make sure our caravan mattresses provide you with a homely feeling. Realizing how important your sleep is for your health, we have designed our caravan and truck mattress in Melbourne with the best quality materials available in Australia.

We know that the quality we put in into our mattresses will reflect in the quality of the final product and therefore we are careful in selecting the finest quality material available to us in Australia.

Reliable and durable, our caravan mattresses made in Melbourne are sure to serve you for many years to come.

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Our spring systems include chiro coil comfort

luxury pocket zones and premium foam walls – be sure to explore all the options we have available for you! The best part is that our quality caravan mattresses are available to you at very affordable prices. Serving the bedding market with over 25 years of experience, we realize that customer satisfaction is the clear priority for us and we aim to achieve it through every mattress that we produce.

Chiro Coil Comfort

Each of our products becomes an ambassador for our company, and therefore we aim to provide our customers with the best quality caravan mattresses in Melbourne.

So give us a call or fax us. You may even send an email or fill out our online enquiry form and one of our customer services representatives will promptly contact you. Alternatively, you can visit us at our showroom and check out our collection of superior quality caravan mattresses made in Melbourne.

Our professional staff at Super Master Bedding will help you with your design and size specifications and make sure your caravan mattress is a perfect fit for you!

Better sleep starts tonight

Custom made mattresses for all sizes and types that fit for all camper trailer in Australia. We provide low profiles springs for all camper trailer and support with quality guarantee.