Spring System


5 turn zoned heavy duty spring. With side and centre support. Long lasting urable spring system.


Premium spring system available. Minimizes partner disturbance due to each spring encased in its own individual pocket. Each spring reacts independently to the others so it contours to body shape cradling and supporting the body where it needs it most Premium spring system available.


From comfort layers to mattress cores, we provide a comprehensive range of foam components for the bedding industry. Our polyurethane and visco-elastic (memory) foams are fundamental elements of any mattress structure and critical to comfort and durability


Latex is naturally derived from the rubber tree. It is non toxic and contaminant free and its natural properties inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, making it alsoinhospitable for dust mites. Latex provides minimal partner disturbance Micro vent technology for maximum ventilation and long durability. Latex is more breathable than any synthetic foam. Contours to the body providing optimal posture and lumbar support.


COT MATT69.0 X 130.02'3" x 4'3"
SINGLE91.4 X 188.03' x 6'2"
LONG SINGLE91.4 X 203.23' x 6'8"
THREE QUARTER106.6 X 188.03'6" x 6'2"
KING SINGLE106.6 X 203.23'6" x 6'8"
DOUBLE137.0 X 188.04'6" x 6'2"
QUEEN152.3 X 203.25' x 6'8"
KING183.0 X 203.26' x 6'8"
CARAVAN122 X 1834' x 6'
CARAVAN153 X 1885' x 6.2'